Son of a Sailor is proud to present our new Studio Sessions. Once a month or so, we’ll be inviting emerging musicians to play for our friends and fans. These intimate sets will take place right here in the Son of a Sailor studio, at Canopy in East Austin. It’s a chance to meet new friends, listen to great music, and maybe even indulge in some shopping.

We’re so excited to use our space to support local musicians, and we hope you can join us for our next session. Sign up for our newsletter for your invitation!

If you miss a show, don’t worry—we’ll post videos and live recordings here for each one.

These studio sessions would not be possible without the help of the entire Son of a Sailor family, especially our talented tech experts. If you've enjoyed our music videos and song recordings, you have these guys to thank:

Derrick Mitchell is a film and photography freelancer. He's available for creative projects in Austin and beyond. Check out his portfolio.

David Hawkins is a freelance music producer, mixer, and audio engineer based in Austin, TX. When he's not producing Studio Session tracks, he plays in local surf/garage rock band The Del-Vipers. (You may know him from his previous bands, Cruiserweight and The Reigning Monarchs.) He's also a production assistant at Son of a Sailor! See more of his work.