Every piece that comes from Son of a Sailor is hand-crafted in our Austin, Texas Studio. William and Jessica design each item with a specific function and meaning in mind, and often times the products have a unique story. Our talented team works together to produce each piece with a keen attention to detail, and we take pride in our process. We love to give folks a little bit of insight into how we do things, why we give our items their names, and what the process looks like!

The Kiya is a geometric necklace with gemstone accents. Gold filled chain finishes off this piece.

The Kiya comes from our STELA II collection. Like all of the collection, we drew heavily on ancient Egyptian shapes, writing, and languages. The shapes of the necklace mirror shapes seen throughout the collection, but in the most simple way.

The STELA collection was, in part, inspired by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Each piece of jewelry was named after an Egyptian Queen. Kiya was known as the wife of Akhenaten.

The Kiya is hand forged from a cast bronze piece in the Son of a Sailor Studio. It is then adorned from a selection of gemstones before it makes its way to a gold-filled cable chain.

    We love variable style-ability of the Kiya. We love to pair the mother of pearl Kiya with the arc Imi with the same stone for a classic look. When we're looking for a something a little more unexpected, our go-to is mixing shapes and gemstones for an updated take on a necklace/earring set.

    Shop the Kiya and matching Imi earrings!

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