back to the sails // a look back at goods

It seems so crazy to me now, but Son of a Sailor is turning 5 this year! When we started the company, we had no idea that it would bring us to where we are now. In honor of this momentous occasion, we are doing a week full of blog posts looking back...

polaris, 2013

Fun, bright color pops with a modern flair have pretty much always been our MO. We love taking a look at all the goods we've made over the years and watching how our look has grown and how past designs have inspired our current collections

One of our first offerings. Button earrings, 2011

Bohemian bracelet, 2011

Pecos bracelet, 2011

The Carve necklace, 2012

The Odessa Slice, 2012

The Juliet ring bowls, from the first supply collection, Christmas of 2012

We started supply in order to round out our offerings. We wanted to offer another way to accessorize your life in SOS fashion. All of our supply goods are named from the Navy Phonetic Alphabet. You'll notice those from your childhood, like alfa, bravo, and delta. Through the years, we noticed we had used almost all of them, so we added in those from other Phonetic Alphabets.  

Madesmith was an early collaboration of ours in 2013

the Polaris collection in 2013. It was one of our first fully put together collections!

a collection of necklaces from Polaris, 2013

Capella bracelet from Polaris, 2013

Enif earrings, 2013

Cols from the land collection, 2014

Tepui earrings from the land collection, 2014

Charlie knife and Echo flash drive from the supply line, 2015

Menka bracelet from the stela collection, 2015

Zulu bottle opener from the supply line, 2015

Uset necklace from stela II, 2016

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