back to the sails // a look back at our studios

It seems so crazy to me now, but Son of a Sailor is turning 5 this year! When we started the company, we had no idea that it would bring us to where we are now. In honor of this momentous occasion, we are doing a week full of blog posts looking back...

Billy painting bracelets at our home studio

Our studio is where the magic happens. From our home floor to a studio and storefront in the Canopy complex, our studios have grown, morphed, and changed with us.

My home desk -- back when this was my only desk

We've gone through quite a few studios in the years, but our home has always been our base.

As usual, the guys on the production line are laughing it up.

After we signed with our first official studio, I thought the days of home offices were over.

The always hard-working captain

But it seems that no matter how large of a studio we rent, we always just need that extra room and we're soon right back at home.

The keys to our first Canopy studio

Getting the keys to our first studio was so scary and exciting! Now, I can't imagine not having a the much needed space.

Studio 202 greeted all its guests with some buffalo love

We thought we had so much room in #202! And we did -- for about a day.

Our showroom, complete with seating and stars

We even had a little showroom for those who wanted to come check out our goods.

Our flag of freedom and friendship

The moment it opened, we were all over Bldg. 3 #105.

Our first window display! 

From the beginning, we took advantage of the windows to attract attention! While our displays have evolved since then, I am always so proud looking back from where we came.

Our trusty kraft paper roll and supply work station. 

Production has always been the life blood of the studio. We love to have guests be able to see where the products are made while shopping our collection. 

The studio, two tables in.

The space has seen many different sets of furniture and, as seems to always be the case, displays have changed with the collections. 

The studio has come so far from where it once began -- we are so excited to now host the storefront, both online and at the studio. Here, you can shop all of our products and a curated selection of other brands and objects we love!

My daily desk view

The studio has had about a million transformations. While I am excited to see where the next five years takes us, I'm also happy for the small moments at my desk in my studio now.

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