TOUR // Space 8

Son of a Sailor stopped by The Thinkery, Austin's favorite science and exploration museum, for their annual Maker's night hosted by South by Southwest. While the is geared for children most of the year, this one day full of cocktails made for an exciting time.

We were most taken with Space 8, The Thinkery's space for children ages 8 and up to continue learning and exploring. Being in the business of makers, we love to see emphasis of creation cultivated young.

Kids can play with pretty much any medium from sewing to circuitry - there's even a 3-D printer. While there is a friendly and informative staff, the emphasis is never on creating perfection, but always on creating for the sake of creation.

Beyond being open to the public during museum hours, kids and parents can sign up for classes to take together. Space 8 is also home to an after-school program that's making us want to go back to 3rd grade. Each section is not only informative, but it's also relative to life in Austin, as seen by their model of Austin.

For more information about Space 8, check out their website.

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