Every piece that comes from Son of a Sailor is hand-crafted in our Austin, Texas Studio. William and Jessica design each item with a specific function and meaning in mind, and often times the products have a unique story. Our talented team works together to produce each piece with a keen attention to detail, and we take pride in our process. We’d love to give folks a little bit of insight into how we do things, why we give our items their names, and what the process looks like!

The Toc is a fine leather bowl, designed to act as a wonderful catchall. Hand-cut from vegetable tanned leather hide, it is hand decorated and riveted in the SOS studio.

What inspired the design?

"I knew that I wanted to do an interesting take on a leather bowl. When approaching the design, I decided to start with a circle shape instead of the traditional square. I started with about a million felt mock-ups - finding the perfect shape was an intense process because the slightest change in the angles cut would result in an entirely different shape. I knew immediately when we found the Toc, it was the perfect shape for a catch-all.

What is the meaning of the name?

"All supply goods are named from the naval phonetic alphabet. After we went through almost the whole US naval alphabet, we started pulling from the United Kingdom’s RAF navel alphabet and will probably continue to work our way around the globe as the line grows. So you’ll see the familiar phonetics of your childhood such as Alpha, Delta, and Charlie. You’ll also see some that are unique, like London, Baker, and Oscar. While you won’t see Son of a Sailor with anything outright aquatic, we love incorporating subtle, nuanced, nautical inspirations. We try to pair up each piece with a name we think is fitting - and we often put a lot of thought into it!

We gave the Toc its particular name because we thought the shape of the word matched the shape of the product. I know it sounds odd, but a lot of thought goes into the naming process. While many of the names have a specific reason, the shape and feel of the word are just as important to us."

How is it made?

"Every Supply piece produced by Son of a Sailor is hand-crafted in our Austin studio. The Toc takes its shape through this process:
  • First, vegetable tanned leather is is cut into precise angles
  • Next, the leather receives a hand-painted treatment
  • Each bottom is branded with the SOS logo
  • We then add a layer of protective seal to the leather. Like all of our leather goods, the Tocs will age over time and exposure to the elements. Each one ages differently, and we love to see them take on their own unique characteristics
  • Finally, the bowl is formed and hand riveted."

How do you use the Toc?
"We call the Toc a catch-all because it literally catches everything. A cluttered space is just a place where a Toc belongs. Personally, I have one on my dresser, it's perfect for the bangles and bracelets that I can't fit in my jewelry box. Billy keeps one on his desk for pens and paperclips. And at the SOS studio, we keep one on display holding our business cards."

You can find the Toc online at sonofasailor.co or come see us in our studio at canopy. To see even more ways to use the Toc, follow us on instagram @sonofasailor. Show us your own style with the #SOSswag for a chance to win every month!

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