SOS // Save the best for last-minute

Looking for the perfect last-minute Halloween costume? We've got some good tricks up our sleeve. Whether you're looking for something awesome, or something a little awful, we've got you covered. 
1. We're pretty partial to Back to the Future already, and we love seeing a good Doc and Marty. But going as the flame streaks left behind? These guys are genius. And as easy as a little felt on a black shirt.

2. A little bleached hair, flames on your shirt, and some good ol' food and you're set to go out as Guy Fieri. If Chrissy Teigen can pull it off, we can too. 

3. We all know how easy it is to pull off a simple ghost costume, but we love the sentiments over at Funny or Die, who recommend rethinking the costume. Their instructions; "1. A ghost can't leave its house. 2. Stay home and watch netflex."

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