We're not ashamed to admit that when it comes to home decoration, the SOS staff has a bit of a weak spot. We love to curate and we like it when where we live makes a statement about who we are. Pretty much every room can benefit from a statement element, but that can be hard to pull off without a little inspiration. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Statement Doors - Your front door is often the first impression others get of your house. Making a statement says a lot about who dwells here, and excites people about what's inside.

Concrete Elements - Gone are the days when concrete is limited to the outdoors, bringing in a touch of concrete adds a glamorous, yet laid back, statement to any room.

Contrasting Pillows - We love a good juxtaposition in the bedroom, which is achieved here not only by contrasting slate and white, but also by contrasting the polished sheets with hand dyed throw pillows. The best thing about these little guys, by Thicket and Thistle, is that they are naturally dyed with acorns. 

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