The summer is getting hot here in the ATX and we're dying to stay inside. While some might be struggling to think of an excuse to remain in the AC, we're getting creative. Here are three links we for some innovative inspiration.

Ice Dyeing Just in case the summer is getting to you, try a little ice dyeing to cool you down. Kind of like tie-dye's cooler older sister, ice dying is pretty much the easiest dye process possible resulting in swoon-worthy textiles.

@AmySchumer on Instagram is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. Witty and edgy, it's her unsaid, but omnipresent social commentary that keeps us coming back for more. Tread carefully, though, some of her posts are NSFW

Political Pinatas Javier Ramirez has brought a new buzz to the pinata scene. Using a forum that has traditionally been reserved for your three-year-old's birthday party, Ramirez is bringing the conversation to politics, celebrities, and whatever else is currently being talked about. 

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