In an epic win for East Side life, the Austin City Council voted to allow Springdale Farms permission to host events, a major part of their income. In a total grassroots moment, the victory for local farm to table eating was led entirely by the farm and its neighborhood supporters.

(One of many weddings held at Springdale Farms)

Springdale Farms was previously turned down by the city council and has been fighting for the right to host events with more than 50 people, including educational and nonprofit events as well as weddings, all things that define the Austin community lifestyle. Without these events, and the revenue they bring, closure of the farm was looming.

(Eden East food truck serving only Springdale Farms food)

Springdale Farms is crucial to the Austin scene. They produce over 3,800 pounds of produce per a year for more than 50 local dining spots. And you can bet your britches that there was an uprising of local voices to be heard. Tons of restaurants became active in the debate, including Eastside Pies, Weather Up, Franklin BBQ, Odd Duck, and Wink. Social media was in on it too, with the hashtag #WeAreSpringdale to show support.

(Springdale Farms on-site farmer's market)

"We're not ready to retire," said Paula. "We're trying to preserve this farm and what this farm would become without us is another development. If we go away, what will be here? No one's going to farm this." She added, "Only crazy people are farmers."

Read more about the City Council's decision here.
Check out Springdale Farms website and check out what's in season.

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