Fashion today is all about the fast fashion, getting in on this week's trend. And always following the latest thing can sometimes lead to the slippery slope of finding the cheapest available. While we all like a good deal, unfortunately, cheap clothing often means questionable sourcing. From sweatshops to child labor, production often occurs in horrible conditions. Lucky for us, though, looking good doesn't mean that you have to buy into these less-than-savory practices. Here's an eye on some of our favorite brands with a focus on ethical production.

American Giant - Known for their killer loungewear, this US based brand produces everything state side, without the aid of sweatshops. 

Kaight - One of the best curations of ethical brands around, you'll find a wide selection of womenswear and accessories, without having to worry about where they come from.

Everlane - Currently taking the scene by storm, Everlane produces high quality mens and womenswear, accessories, and even handmade shoes. Their classic pieces are designed to be seasonless. Everlane breaks down the cost of each piece and you can take a virtual tour of their production centers so you can see where your money is going.

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