Have you put your eyes on Lesouque yet? Drawing its name from the open air marketplaces of Middle Eastern and North African Cities, Lesouque is a carefully curated boutique focusing on the easy access of independent designers across the world.

Lesouque is layers of awesome. Beyond their focus on independent designers,  they are also focused on bettering the condition of women's lives around the world. A portion of every purchase is donated to the Malala Fund. Created by one of the most influential women of our era, Malala Yousafzai stands against human oppression. The Malala fund works to secure the rights of girls around the world to a minimum of 12 years quality education. More information about this amazing charity can be found at malala.org

We love the focus on making the world a better place. We are so proud to be one of the designers they've chosen to feature. It's so important to know from where your goods are coming, and with Lesouque, it's never been easier.

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