Canopy is the perfect HQ for SOS, between all the fabulous work being done here, it is inspiring and a true community. But working in the same building as Sa-Ten, the Japanese inspired Cafe, gets ever more dangerous as they continue to up their already incredible menu.

From Japanese toast to espresso, little bites, and down-right delicious rice plates, Sa-Ten is set on serving up the best of the best. It's like Japanese American fusion, only from the Japanese perspective.

Sa-Ten prides itself on is snug, hip vibe and, in our opinion, it's the best place to spend an afternoon. Or morning. Or evening. Whenever.

Sa-Ten just came out with their summer drinks specials and while you can't go wrong with any of their drinks, after trying these guys out, they hold a special place in our hearts, and on our tastebuds.

The summer drink selection consists of The Ally-Oop and The Big Peach, neither of which will disappoint.

Frothy white, like a big cloud-in-a-drink, the Ally-Oop is a coconut, cream, and Topo Chico mix that'll leave you weak in the knees.

The Big Peach is a Frederickburg peach black iced tea mixed with brown sugar lemonade and a little splash of raspberry. It's a high flavored twist on a traditional Arnold Palmer.

When thirsty on a hot day, or more likely these days, a humid rainy afternoon, nothing quenches the thirst better than Sa-Ten.

We're not ones to play favorites, but let's just say the coconut ally-oop had us in a fizzy frenzy.

Check out Sa-Ten's full menu and hours at Sa-Ten.com. For more deliciousness, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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