Three links we love

Here's our weekly round-up of delightful things we found online! Enjoy, and let us know if there's anything else we should check out.

Fort Worth Opera Festival  This bold, colorful website may be the coolest thing to happen to opera since Gerard Butler played the Phantom! The cutting-edge design strongly suggests that Forth Worth Opera's approach to the medium is anything but old-fashioned. If you happen to be in the area, there are performance through the month of May.

Gustav Eiffel's Ideally Situated Apartment via atlasobscura.com   This week in "news that makes you want to drop everything and go to Paris"- Gustav Eiffel's personal apartment located inside the Eiffel tower is open to visitors for the first time in years. Not to explore, but to peek inside. Where there are eerily life-like mannequins of Eiffel and others!

This intricate mansion planter (via Max and Moritz)  Earlier this week, while shopping for office supplies, I came across many beautiful items at Max and Moritz. Some were not so office related, but totally worth sharing, like this super detailed mortar, glass, and brass planter. We agree with the product description that this is "literally the most unique home for small indoor plants." Want.

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