STYLE ICONS: Mad Men Edition

Remember when "Mad Men style" was shorthand for the sort of dapper, 1950s menswear that you might wear to some sort of sock hop? Those days are long gone. Sunday's premiere episode of Man Men revealed the show's shift into a later era. From ascots to giant lapels to a preponderance of mustard, Mad Men's costumes have decidedly gone 70s. What really stole the show, though was the facial hair! Chiefly, the mustaches! Which, at Son of a Sailor, we officially endorse.

While doing some follow-up research after the show, we came across this informative piece in Vanity Fair, which explains that John Slattery's mustache is actually a custom wig made from human hair, designed to suit his face. And suit it it does! Other required reading: this gif-heavy piece from Buzzfeed that lets you vote on your favorite Mad Men stache.  

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