CURATE// Office supply updates

Anyone familiar with blog (or our cofounder Jessica) will know that office supplies are very important to Son of a Sailor. We've always posted about our wish lists, and we've shown you office supplies in use in our studio. We have a well documented Poppin penchant that has been a part of our psyche since the earliest days of Son of a Sailor!

Well, we've recently picked up a few new gems, so we thought now would be a good time to catch you up on what's new behind our desks!

Here's what we got:

This incredible concrete tape dispenser. We love the industrial, utilitarian look, as well as the unexpected quirkiness of it. New favorite tape dispenser!

ikea chairs - We got some Vagsberg's for the office! These birch chairs are comfortable to sit in, and fun to spin in.

We picked up some metallic mylar tape (image via uline) on Amazon, without really knowing what to expect. It's made for industrial purposes, but we were delighted to find that it's a crafter's dream! Completely opaque with a mirror-finished, this tape is our new favorite for gift wrapping and decoration. (Sorry, washi tape, we still love you.)

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