SOS // What's in your bag, Sarah?

Are you ready for another look inside one of our purses? Today's little black bag belongs to Sarah, who's clearly always prepared. Her bag is stocked with essentials, suggesting that, although she's the youngest team member at Son of a Sailor, she may be the wisest.

I gotta ask about that bracelet. What's the story there? One of my good friends in middle school made that for me. I wore it some time ago then stashed in in my purse I guess. It's been in there for a few months...
Which item in your bag have you owned the longest? That bracelet for sure.

Is there something you usually have in your bag that's not here today? Loose change and a wad of trash ~ Oh, and sunglasses.

You got a lot of primary colors. Does this represent your ideal palette, or is it just a coincidence? It totally is. Now just add something purple and we're in business. I didn't even realize till I saw them all spread out like that, but yeah. I just like rainbows. And black.

I love that tiny composition book, I used to collect little books like that! What do you use yours for? Thanks, my best friend gave that to me, she has the hot pink version of it. I use it for anything really. Ideas, measurements for old halloween costumes, doodles, and some random words and stuff that I don't remember writing.

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