SOS // What's in your bag, Jessica?

The bag we'll be exploring today belongs to none other than Son of a Sailor's cofounder, Jessica. Her roomy leather tote bag held treasures unforeseen: we had to edit out many exciting knicknacks, including books, keys, and mainly, PENS, to fit a reasonable assortment into this photo. Read on for the amusing backstories behind these pretty objects!
What's in the bag?

Lip Glosses (3) Have you ever tried a miracle product, only to have it disappear from shelves the next time you seek it? Jessica had this experience with the hot pink elf hypershine gloss shown above. Also shown above? The two duplicate shades she purchased in an attempt to replace the hypershine. Eventually she found a stash in a local supermarket, and bought herself enough to last for some time. I swear we're not shilling for elf- it's just really good stuff.

Dice! I asked why there were dice in her bag, and Jessica said they were from a game of yahtzee that she and Billy had played during their recent teepee vacation. (Always be prepared for yahtzee.)

Ideal pens Those black and grey pens in the lower right corner are coveted prizes here at SOS. They tend to vanish, as nice pens do. To protect herself from ever being without an ideal pen, Jessica apparently keeps a couple in her purse. Somehow, her secret stash multiplied (as pens do) and she ended up pulling out five identical ideal pens. For shame!

Essentials (wallet, square reader, bobby pins, USB)
A folding fan, for hot Texas days. Summer is starting any day now!

Keys, on a painted leather keychain. It's a prototype for a new style that is being tinkered with for future collections. Let us know if you like the design!

And lastly, a sweet collection of pens and sketchbooks. Jess uses these for designing new styles, laying out display ideas, doodling, and more!

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