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Fun fact: one of our production artists, Dave Hawkins, is a musician. He's accumulated some notable street cred, having played in several area bands, like The Reigning Monarchs and acclaimed punk pop group Cruiserweight. These days he plays bass in The Del-Vipers, a punk-inflected surf rock trio. They'll be taking the stage this Saturday at Surf by Surf East, a festival billed as the largest gathering of surf rock acts ever assembled in Texas! It is free and there will be go-go dancers. Read on for more details, plus a playlist curated by Dave to get you in the surfy spirit. 

Music on Saturday starts at noon, in the backyard of the Vortex off Manor road. There will be a handmade market and full bar as well, so you can totally make a day of it. Check out the line up on the poster, and visit the facebook event page here. By the way, the forecast for Saturday is sunny with a high of 74. What goes better with sun than surf?

Be sure to say hey to our pal Dave! Here's what he has to say about his band:

Your sound is a surf/garage-rock, and you cite classic influences like The Ventures and Dick Dale, as well as more contemporary bands. How does this genre relate to previous musical projects you've been involved in?
Before The Del-Vipers, I played in another surf band called, The Reigning Monarchs. Our sound was pretty clean, and the songs were very cinematic. The Del-Vipers are much more raucous and to-the-point. Faster, louder, and meaner.

What's the perfect situation to listen to the Del-Vipers?
It's all subjective of course, but the next time you find yourself in a laser gun fight with bikini-clad Nazi werewolves on surf boards, that's a good time to pop us into your ear holes.

What can we expect from your live shows?

Dave, you made us a playlist! What's it all about? As you might expect, this mix is heavy on the 1960s. My favorite types of surf and garage rock songs, are the ones that wander into punk, psychedelic, and even pop territory. So, hopefully I've succeeded in putting together a playlist that covers all of the bases, and that the listener finds entertaining. Enjoy!

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