SOS // What's in your bag, Kirsten?

It's time for the second post in our "what's in your bag" series, in which we pour out our purses (and our hearts) for you! Today's featured SOS gal is Kirsten, who carries a retro PanAm bag full of treasures. I got a kick out of the variety of art supplies she carries with her on the reg. In addition to making flawless pieces of Son of a Sailor, she makes precious illustrations, sketches, and paintings! 

How long have you been at Son of a Sailor?
since 2012, hollaaaaa

What do you do? Manage retail, paint and eat summer sausage. (ed. note: it's true! Kirsten also eats a lot of strange things like plain avocados, raw mushrooms, and yams probably.) 

What's your favorite thing to make? Yerba mate. Teehee, I jest. Probs the tan + navy or grey + charcoal tangos---paint spreads so smooth on those babies.

What item in your bag have you owned the longest? Honestly, probably that scrunchie.

What are those beauty products you have there? The lipgloss is a mystery by now- literally label-less. perhaps an impulsive HEB purchase? The tiny magical bottle is amber. I guess that's a beauty product right? It beautifies your scent. I'll go with that.

So many art supplies! Do you do art on the run? Whereabouts? My pens, sketchbook and I generally frequent coffee shops, tiny parks, cliff edges, and casas de amigos. (Note: visit her website at www.quite-sincerely.com to see some of Kirsten's art!)

I've basically gotten into the habit of carrying the majority of my supplies so I can always be ready in case the perfect hill to doodle on is calling my name or inspiration hits etc etc etc etc.

Tell me one thing you had in your bag that wasn't included in the photo. (Mine was receipts and loose almonds.)
...an entire box of tampons

Thanks for letting me play with all your stuff, Kirsten!

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