SOS // What's in your bag, Caitlin?

It's time for another round of "what's in your bag!" I had Caitlin, our production manager, dump out her tote bag. Read on to see where she gets all of her great stuff!

What do you do at Son of a Sailor? How long have you been here? 
My official title is production manager, and on occasion I'm IT as well. I've been here 2.5 years--time flies!

What are those lip products? Should I try them? Yes! Even though I actually didn't buy either of them. The rose lip balm is from Herbivore Botanicals and was part of a kickass giveaway I won from Honey Kennedy. It has the most wonderful smell and feels delightful.

The other stuff was a gift from my friend Jennie (thanks Jennie!), and is so awesome that it makes me actually want to wear lipstick.

Where are your bag and wallets from? The wallet is from Madewell and has served me pretty well. The bag is from some of our buds up on the west coast, Nell & Mary.

THAT LIGHTER! It's so pretty! Where'd it come from?It's a cover that goes over your cheap gas station lighter! So it never has to run out. I find it for like a buck out in what they call "the fields" at Roundtop's annual antique fair.

Which item in your bag have you owned the longest?The orange? jk jk...Ummmm probably actually the lighter cover. Or maybe the wallet.

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