SOS // What's in your bag, Becky?

Not pictured: A billion crumpled receipts
 Our purses are our lives. They hold some of our most precious, valuable assets- cell phones, wallets, lip gloss, etc. Unsurprisingly, the contents of a purse can tell you a lot about a person, from what they do, to what they eat, to how organized they tend to be. That's why we're starting a blog series featuring the contents of every member of the Son of a Sailor team's bags. It's a chance for us to introduce ourselves! Plus, you can indulge your curiosity about what is in our (mostly huge) bags.

First up: Me, Becky, the social media gal. 
What do you do at Son of a Sailor? I write blog posts, take photos, keep the shop on Saturdays, and tend to our shopping area! I also help out with special events and sales. I've worked here for a little over 4 months.

So, what's in that bag? I've got the usual suspects: wallet, iphone, and keys, which live on my Tango Clip Fob, of course. The navy bag you see poking out of my bigger bag is an secondary bag that I keep handy for, I don't know, emergencies? It's empty.

 I have a few makeup essentials- my favorite is this citrus mint lip balm from Old Factory Soap Company. I've got a couple notebooks that I use every day, and a nice pen. A nice pen makes your whole day better. 

What else? Postage stamps.  A Downton Abbey bobby pin, which my Mom got me as a gift because I love that show. There are also some earrings that I took off and stashed in my purse because they got too heavy. The Kilian papers are from perfume samples. (Pro Tip: When you're sampling perfumes and you run out of wrists, spray some in your bag. It will smell amazing forever!)

I also have to admit that I threw out a sizeable handful of gum wrappers, receipts, and loose almonds. Purses get messy. 

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