Three Links we Love

Before and After  Austin Magazine Tribeza shows a home's transformation from majestic, carpet-covered 70s dream house to actual, light-filled modern day dream house. Spoiler alert, the photo above is an "after." Click the link to see the equally enjoyable before photos! Interior design by the Bunkhouse Group.

India Hobson via It's Nice That  We're suckers for succulents. Even if you don't care as much about cacti as we do, you'll likely still be enchanted by this beautiful portrait of a nursery in the UK. As It's Nice That points out,  it has a "peculiar Englishness," but it really reminds us of our favorite Austin plant shops!

BOOKS by Kevin McNamee-Tweed  We first found this artist's work online, but realized that he is, in fact, one of our neighbors at Canopy! McNamee-Tweed's BOOKS project is the funniest fine art we've come across in a long time. Maybe ever. His fictional fiction pokes fun at every type of book you've ever seen: YA lit, Romance novels, biographies, even NPR. Goofy, irreverent, and sometimes sweet, these drawings are begging to be viewed and enjoyed in their entirety. Don't skip the small print, it's full of lols! We'll be on the lookout for the upcoming printed collection!

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