Have ya'll heard of Mujer magazine? It's brand new, so word might not have reached you yet. Before too long though, we bet you'll start seeing it around. A mag this cool is sure to catch your eye.
 Mujer, published by our dear friend Jackie Letelier, is a spanish language magazine dedicated to women and their stories. The very first issue was recently published, and is available around South Texas and parts of Mexico. (You can also see the full issue online.)

Mujer touches on all the topics you'd want from a woman's mag; winter's issue featured exercises catered to women, beauty product recommendations, healthy eating and entertaining tips, and a killer fashion editorial. Mujer also tailors it's content especially for local readers, including a regional event calendar, reviews of nearby restaurants and businesses, and ads and features for local businesses. (We were tickled to see Fail jewelry on p. 12!)

Basically, it's got the kind of rich and timely content that makes this the perfect reading material for brushing up on your Spanish. And of course, for native spanish speakers, it's a great way to connect to the community, making it a glossy, lovely step towards a richer, more inclusive local scene.

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