Come back to us, Palm Rudd

Sound the alarms! Call the fire brigade! Get Liam Neeson! Our long-time friend Palm Rudd has gone missing. He may be a plant, but he's important to us. This lil buddy has been a fixture at our studio since we first moved into Canopy. On January 8, we noticed he wasn't at his usual post, outside our studio door. We checked his favorite haunts, such as just inside our studio door, and in the entryway by our front desk, with no luck.

We had hoped that a good samaritan took him inside to save him from a frost, but we haven't seen him since. Now we're optimistic that a forgetful samaritan took him inside to save him from a frost. We're also ready to acknowledge that he may have been #taken.

Reward for any information leading to the recovery of Palm Rudd: Eternal Gratitude. And possibly cookies. If he is gone for good, we'll sure miss him. Read on to see some of his finest moments.

From left to right: Billy, Bill Murray, Palm Rudd.

Palm Rudd had many close friends, including Bill Murray, David Bowie, and Chair.

Here's a baby photo from our move into our current studio. What a cutie! Look at those cheeks!

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