SOS // Announcing our New Collection: STELA

It's finally time! We are so excited to present our new collection of jewelry, STELA. This assortment of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings was a joy to create, and we hope you enjoy it, too!

TEO necklace, IMI earrings, Aster Dress by PLANTE

Why the name STELA? In ancient cultures, stelae (slabs of stone or wood inscribed with ornamental glyphs and graphics) were used to commemorate and demarcate. Ornamental and informative, a stela was the palette for ancient symbology and early writing.

Musings on ancient inscriptions, glyphic writing, and language all played a role in the design of STELA. Each piece is comprised of brass shapes (arcs, angles, and curves) which coalesce to form an expressive, energetic adornment. In a nod to our inspiration, each piece is named for an ancient egyptian queen.

AYA necklace, IMI earrings, Edgemont tunic by esby

As with our previous collections, geometric forms, playful color, and rich natural materials are key to these designs. However, we did switch things up a bit. This collection features materials and processes that are totally new to Son of a Sailor's offerings, like hand-forged brass pieces, weighty cast pendants, and 14k gold filled chains. These luxe details make STELA our most precious collection to date. We designed these pieces in the hopes that they would have a timeless quality, much like the ancient treasures of Egypt.

A'AT necklace, TEY necklace, Bryony pants by Plante
See the whole lookbook (and shop the new pieces) on our site! You can place a preorder online, which will ship in 7-10 business days.

Photographer: George Barberis
Hair styling: Mobile Rose Ogle
Garments by esby and PLANTE
Model: Olivia Jordan

IMI gemstone earrings

KIYA necklace, TEY necklace

MENKA bangle, ISET cast amulet necklace, North shore shell by esby

TIA necklace, MENKA bangle, North shore shell by esby

TEO necklace, Montauk Point Jumper by esby

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