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A couple weeks ago, we covered sources for large-scale wall art, in part because we know how hard it is to find. Today, we're taking it to the other end of the spectrum, with a round-up of our favorite pieces of tiny art. I'll be honest with you— it's not as difficult to find, especially if you search online. However, we think it's just as important! Little pieces can make a big impact.

Take, for example, the row of mini portraits displayed in our studio. Artist Nancy Mungal of Pretty Little Thieves painted these playing card sized gems, each featuring a Son of a Sailor employee. We hang these up right by our front desk, and get compliments on them non-stop!

Here are a few other shining examples of tiny art that we found online. The best part of these mini treasures is that they're some of the lowest priced original art you'll find anywhere!

Pabst Can, watercolor by James Steeno, $20

Abstract Paintings, 6" square, by Christina Rae. $150 for a set of 4

Abstract Face, 2.75" x 2.75," by Ana Gonzalez. $21

Mini Pink Cacti Painting, Guache, from Helo Birdie. $8.87

Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, Watercolor, by Mrs. Peggotty Art. $46.30

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