Happy Halloween! Here are three holiday appropriate links we love.

Thought Catalog's Scary Story Collection I was legitimately frightened while reading through these scary stories. This reader submitted collection purports to be entirely true, meaning it's the brand of creepy that's also feasible. (There are as many criminals as spirits.) In other words, this could happen to you!

Forbe's Halloween Spending Infographic This slick infographic shows how much Americans truly enjoy getting into the spirit of Halloween, in terms of dollar bills. Check out numbers on our costuming, candy eating, and decorating habits. The most interested tidbit to me was that spending on adult costumes totally outweighs how much is spent on kids.

Glowy Zooey's Halloween Costume (Video) Ok, so this one's not spooky so much as adorable. But precious children in costumes are just as much of a Halloween tradition as ghosts and ghouls, right?

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