Three Links We Love

Ottoman Upholstery Workshop @ Spruce // Kelly Dewitt 
Attention: Today is the last day to sign up for this workshop, so check this out, stat! 
Spruce Upholstery in Austin is hosting an ottoman making workshop on November 8. The five hour class will offer hands on instruction, upholstery materials, and an octagonal steel frame made by Kelly DeWitt. Think for a moment about how amazing that would look in your living room. Then sign up for the class, and start shopping for fabric! 

Watch a neon sign being made by hand, courtesy of The Pressure
Have you ever watched a tube bender? Neither had we, until we saw this beautifully shot video. Watch neon craftsman Mike Heist, master of this often overlooked art form, as he creates a one-of-a-kind sign. Video and sign design by The Pressure, a Portland based creative studio.

Closet Visit
Photographer Jeana Sohn visits aspirational closets. The resulting photos, envy-inducing as they may be, are too beautiful to miss!

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