Studio Session // Tonight's the night

Tonight's the night! Our second studio session ever will begin at 8:00 PM, and you'd better be there! We're starting out with a cocktail hour, featuring a surprise cocktail courtesy of award winning local distiller Treaty Oak.

Danny of the Gentlemen Rogues will play a short solo set, with original songs as well as some choice covers. The set's gonna be small (right here in our studio!) but the music's gonna be high-energy. Danny describes the band's genre as “power-pop.” Not sure what that means? Think guitar rock, with tons of hooks, melody, but not all the aggression traditionally associated with punk or hard rock.
Usually, Danny performs with a full band, but tonight will be one of his rare solo shows. According to Danny, he's had a lot of time to plan this one. For his last solo show, he wasn't so lucky.

Danny's solo performance at Liverpool Sound City Festival
From Danny:

A story related to this show, is that we did a tour in the UK, this past May, including some shows in Liverpool (UK), at Liverpool Sound City Festival... One of the shows, we thought, was a full band performance, but learned about 15 minutes before our set time, that it was an “acoustic” show...no back line amps or drums...just a PA. This scenario actually happened to us twice, on the same day. Rather than cancel the shows, we decided that i’d do a solo set, playing some of our songs, and a few cover songs that I might could possibly recall knowing how to play. This all happened with VERY little notice (about 15 minutes), but went surprisingly well. We even got some press, from these two solo shows, and the reviews were surprisingly good! So with this show, i’m recreating that experience a little bit. It will just be me, an electric guitar, and some songs.  I’ve had a little bit of time to put this together, so it should be fun.

Indeed it should! If you can't make it, you can still catch Gentlemen Rogues (in their full, 4-person form) on Saturday night at Red 7, with Shaft, Pop Unknown, and The Del Vipers. We'll also have audio and video recording (like this) on our website a week or so after the event.

RSVP to our Facebook Event, and look for #SOSstudiosession on facebook, twitter, and instragram.

We'll see you tonight!

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