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We've partnered up with Schoolhouse Electric to offer exclusive new designs! Below, you'll see a cousin of our India folding knife, available for the first time in persimmon or navy stripes. These were hand painted and varnished in our Austin, Texas studio. Available online from Schoolhouse Electric. 

Image via schoolhouseelectric.com

Image via schoolhouseelectric.com

All of the knives we customize at Son of a Sailor come from acclaimed French knifemakers Opinel. Since the company's inception in 1890, their wooden-handled knives have become iconic in France and beyond. They're incredibly sturdy, and hold up for years and years. We've read that Pablo Picasso used an Opinel knife for sculpting!

Image via Schoolhouse Electric print catalog
Image via schoolhouseelectric.com
In addition to our folding knife, we designed a unique new pattern for our shave kit as well, in a vivid red stripe. These kits include a boar bristle brush, and a charcoal clay shaving soap by Oakmoss in a pine wooden cup. Available online. Both limited edition pieces are exclusive to Schoolhouse Electric!

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