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We've blogged a bit before about Maker Co-op, a union of ten Austin-based creative businesses. Son of a Sailor is a proud member of this crew, and we're excited to show you our newest group project! All ten of us joined up with Wrappily to create a line of wrapping paper. Not just any wrapping paper, mind you—ours, like all papers produced by Wrappily, are reversible, reusable, compostable, and printed with soy-based inks. (Read more about Wrappily's eco-friendly philosophy. They print on local newspaper presses!)

Each maker in the Co-op contributed their own pattern to this series. Before starting, we were all assigned the same color palette to work with, which was key to helping create a cohesive collection. Since we all design with a unique aesthetic, corralling our creative minds together to create a series was a triumph! As you can see, there's still plenty of variety in texture and pattern in this collection:
via Wrappily.com

Because the papers are double sided, we got to share a sheet with another lovely design by Poppy & Fern.
via Wrappily.com
Eagle-eyed Son of a Sailor fans may find our pattern a bit familiar. That would be because, in true Wrappily spirit, we recycled one of our favorite geometric shapes! The polygon that makes up our colorful tessellation is the same shape we use for our Tepui earrings.

This finished product of our teamwork is a collection of five papers with colorful, whimsical patterns that you can purchase on the Wrappily website! 

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