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Sure, fall is great. The leaves change colors, Halloween is awesome, and you can wear cardigans again. But if you act like you don’t miss summer, you’re not fooling anyone! Right around November, when the weather takes a turn for the worse, and the “fall foliage” turns into a drab greyish-brown, your mood can’t help but wilt. And there’s a long winter ahead.

One way to combat the cold weather blues (according to some studies) is to surround yourself with plants. I’m a huge believer in this philosophy—I've stockpiled 17 plants in my apartment in anticipation of the days to come.

Of course, plants are are a commitment. They take time and effort to keep alive.  That’s why I’ve selected a group of plants that, in my experience, are the easiest to care for. (Or the most difficult to kill, depending on how you look at things.)

My top picks for lazy indoor gardening:
1. Pothos Ivy: This ivy grows like a weed! Bonus: you can train it to trail on things. My dream is to wrap this around the air ducts on my ceiling to create a jungle affect.
2.  Boston Fern: This fern acts as an air purifier and helps maintain humidity. 
3. Mother in Law Tongue: This one's a slow grower, but you can pretty much set it somewhere that gets light and forget it. As an added bonus, it has more cool aliases than Sydney Bristow: It's also known as snake plant and Saint George's sword.
4. Peperomia: I once accidentally lost a small peperomia behind a potted palm. I found it a month later, and it was just fine. 
6. Yucca: These grow naturally in warm, dry climates, so they'll do just fine in your heated apartment.
5. Succulents of any kind are a lazy gardner's best friend. Water them at your whim, and they'll be fine.

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