First-time visitors to our studio comment on our "board of directors" with surprising frequency. That's our nickname for the portraits of David Bowie and Bill Murray hanging behind our front desk, decked out in military regalia and looking even more stately than usual. Nary a day goes by without someone asking about them, and it's not uncommon for someone to want to buy them on the spot. (Unfortunately, we don't sell these guys at SOS. We scored them on society6, and you can buy them online!)

We think the attention our prints get is partially due to a nationwide shortage of affordable, large-scale wall art. Apart from posters and mass-produced Ikea canvasses, it's hard to find anything big enough to really hold its own on a large chunk of wall, especially if you're on a budget. We took our search online, and found a few awesome options that won't break the bank.

VINTAGE POSTERS "When in doubt, go vintage" is pretty much my motto in life. Posters are no exception! I especially love vintage school posters like this one. You can learn while you decorate! The good news is that there are tons of these available on etsy for under $100.

We loooove at good DIY project. (Seriously, have you seen this amazing wall hanging Jessica made from nothing but bits of felt and pom poms?) To this end, the internet is a great source for ideas. This abstract painting tutorial is simple and cheap, and allows you to customize your palette to suit your space.

ARTIST ORIGINALS Not into DIY? Believe it or not, you can totally buy large-scale art for medium-scale bucks. Sites like Vango offer original paintings from emerging and under the radar artists, allowing you to shop at much lower prices than most galleries. Their paintings start at just $100. This one from artist Hilary Winfield would add some pizzaz to any room. 

ART PRINTS Printed reproductions can't be beat when it comes to variety and value. I'm particularly fond of Skyline Prints, which is based in Austin, and has a brilliantly curated selection of artist reproductions. These colorful works of art by Starla Michelle Halfman are some of my favorites!

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