Happy National Cat Day

Today is officially National Cat Day! Of course, on the internet, every day is cat day, but October 29th is a special day set aside to promote feline awareness and encourage adoptions. In honor of the occasion, I've asked everyone working at Son of a Sailor today to share their all-time favorite cat videos. Enjoy:

Caitlin: Ninja Cat

Kirsten: Many Too Small Boxes and Maru
(When Maru found a smaller box, do you think that he gives up entering?)
Jessica: Kittens on a Roomba ("Not the one dressed as a shark! It's five kittens and they get knocked off the roomba!")
Billy and Dave: Toonces, the Driving Cat ("The original cat video!")
Me, Becky: Adorable Kitten Stands like a Bear (Set to Playful jazz) 

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