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Half of the Son of a Sailor team got back from Vegas last week from Liberty Las Vegas. It's a city with lots of over the top glitz and commercial glamor, but the old school Vegas is most interesting to us. Here's what our dream list for next time we're in Sin City!

The Neon Museum 

Las Vegas' Neon Museum is a glamorous graveyard for the art form of the city - the neon sign! That's not said deridingly because the retro neon signs that lit up the strip were works of art. Take a tour here for a piece of history.

Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is bawdy, eccentric Vegas entertainment that's a throwback to another era. There are street performers, dancers, old school casino games, and more.

Bonanza Gifts 

What is Vegas if not a place to indulge in any level of kitschiness. Bonanza Gifts (which calls itself the world's largest gift shop) has all the beautifully tacky Welcome to Las Vegas signs and parrot cocktail glasses that you could want. This place is perfect for fun, ironic gifts for those back home.

Photo 1 // Coolhunting.com 2// Recess LV 3// The Guardian 

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