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As we mentioned before, we're so thrilled to be finalists for Martha Stewart's American Made awards! We hope you've been sharing and voting for Son of a Sailor!

We are privileged to call some other wonderful makers our friends, and they're talented friends at that! Not unrelated to our recent total obsession with ceramic and porcelain wares, these three fine folks are all finalists under the "Crafts, ceramics, pottery & glass" category.

With 6 votes per day, we're hoping that you're clicking for Son of a Sailor! But there's room in this town for all of us, and all three of these makers are amazing and talented folks. So throw some votes their way, as well!

1. Emily Reinhardt from The Object Enthusiast - we were so excited to be able to meet and spend some time with Emily at Renegade Chicago. now I have a new ring bowl in my collection that makes me happy every morning!

2. Brit McDaniel from Paper & Clay - if you read our blog and look at our instagram, you know that we are pretty obsessed with Brit's work. The collaboration that we did with our Ankaa necklace and her Danish mug was awesome, and we hope do work together again soon!

3. Keith Kreeger from Keith Kreeger Studios -  Keith works at Canopy, where you'll also find the Son of a Sailor Studio! His space is a ceramicist's wonderland, and enviable to anyone who loves beautiful workspaces. He's also super rad. And makes gorgeous porcelain pieces!

Outside of the ceramics arena, don't forget to check out more of our friends that are all contenders for the award: Fail jewelry, Canoe, and Salt & Time! Austin is representing!!!

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