CURATE // Chelsey Dyer

Today's featured designer is especially near and dear to our hearts at Son of a Sailor. Without her, we would not exist. Seriously! When Chelsey Dyer introduced Jessica to Billy for the first time, she inadvertently sparked a relationship that would lead to this very business.

It was 2010.   Chelsey had invited Billy, a fellow Texas State alum, to visit her in San Fransisco on his way back from a year abroad. Billy hit it off with Jessica, Chelsey's then-roommate, and the rest is SOS history. Chelsey remains a dear friend, which makes us extra excited to share her beautiful design work.  

One of our favorite pieces is her Astrology Calendar. We actually have one of these darlings hanging up in the Son of a Sailor office. There's something so soothing about gazing into the quiet, richly printed night skies during a busy workday. We've got the 2014 version, naturally, but next year's is already available in the shop! (Protip: this would make a great holiday gift for your artistically inclined friend.)

The Stones Calendar is killer, as well. Each of the twelve prints includes a line illustration of the geometric structure of that month's birthstone, on paper in the stone's corresponding shade.

We're also fans of the redesign Chelsey spearheaded for some East Coast friends of ours, Is Was + Will Be. The delicate geometry she incorporates into the branding perfectly complements the jewelry. It's those contrasting dainty and strong elements that make Is Was + Will Be so special.

If you love Chelsey's style as much as we do, you'll be pleased to hear she's available for freelance work, as well as collaborations with other creatives. Contact her via her website. (And follow her Instagram as well for a daily dose of dreamy.)

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