Son of a Sailor // Friday Ridiculousness

Ok, so this is pretty much the epitome of a Friday afternoon tangent! While looking for air mattresses for our upcoming trip to NY for a trade show (more on that later) I came across these amazing play tents. I suggested to Amanda that we just get the secret castle tents for our stay instead of "grown-up" air mattresses...which, of course, led to photoshopping the staff each into their own tent!

Seriously! How awesome are these! Also, this is totally what we feel like---a bunch of grown-up kids around the studio. Well, as long as we're not doing accounting. 

So Pacific Play Tents is the maker of these guys, and they offer a full line of themed tents. We hope they don't mind that we took some liberties with their imagery...

Presumably for children, we are tempted to get one for ourselves! Seriously, how cute are these giant tee pee tents!? 

We found them on Amazon, and the one Billy and I are "in" is in my shopping cart as we speak... No joke. We'll see what happens.

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