SON OF A SAILOR // 30% Off All Supply Items

It's time to make room for some new Supply items we're really excited to launch as our fall collection. (You'll learn more about those next week!). This means we've gotta say goodbye to a few pieces as we add new designs. But this also means good things for you! If you've been waiting for some of your favorite items to be on sale (or if you want to stock up on gifts), our entire Supply collection is 30% off till Sunday.

Here are five of our favorite items that we'll be saying bye to after our sale ends Sunday:

1 // Foxtrot Knife 

2 // Tango Keyfob (Dark Brown Colorblock)
*We're only discontinuing the dark brown edition - the grey, tan, and light brown will still be available in a new color palette for fall!

3 // Echo No. 2 Flash Drive  (Bamboo)

4 // Yankee Yo-Yo (Wood-burned Pattern)

5 // Juliet Bowl 

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