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If you read this blog, there's a pretty decent chance that you have a Pinterest photo, or two, or hundred of artfully arranged Mason Jars. We dare say they may even be the unofficial mascot of Pinterest. Last Saturday the New York Times published a story called "Authenticity, Repurposed, in a Mason Jar" on the history, decline, then rise in popularity of the glass jar originally used to hold preserved food.

There are too many fun (and practical) uses of Mason Jars to count. They can be great for party decorations (fill 'em with flowers or confetti), environmentally friendly water bottles, and preserving jams. Some businesses are creating additions that reinvent the jar for bar use or on-the-go drinkability.

Two fellows who shared a love of vintage barware and the ability to fashion drink-making tools out of anything created the Mason Shaker. It's a fun, stylish addition to a home bar and would look great at an outdoor dinner party. Cuppow is a company that produces eco-friendly, attachable lids that perfectly fit the mouth of a jar. They come in a variety of colors and seem pretty affordable, too.

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