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In a city with ever-increasing rent, sometimes you have to sacrifice space for location. Sites like Apartment Therapy do a fantastic job of showcasing small spaces that are curated beautifully and efficiently. It can be a fun challenge to make a studio apartment feel as roomy as possible, while cleverly disguising the things that you might not want on display. Here at Son of a Sailor, all of us have had our share of super-small apartments (and some of us still do!)

We thought of a few must-haves to create a space that feels warm but not too cozy. The "use a mirror to create the illusion of space" design tip has been passed around a lot, but it's advice worth heeding. Mirrors reflect light and open up a space while serving as a statement piece on a wall.

It's important, particularly in a small space, to eliminate stuffiness by not having too much in one room (furniture, knick knacks or otherwise). One natural way of creating an airier atmosphere is having a potted plant or two indoors. It releases extra oxygen into the room and adds a bolt of color. It can take a lot of creative thinking to come up with the most efficient designs, but there are plenty of design blogs where people have done just that. Without the Internet, we wouldn't necessarily have thought of how rad it would be to ditch your TV screen and get a projector.

Below are a few pieces we loved on decorating in a small space:

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Photo Credits: Apartment Therapy (1&2) , Dwell (3)

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