FASHION // 1970s

This could be coincidence, but ever since American Hustle came out we've seen seventies style influences creeping into all aspects of fashion. We might not want to go full perm, but subtle influences of gold or sweater dresses are a fun, sexy addition. Here's what we found...

The Silk Round Collar via Everlane

Everlane's 100 percent silk shirt is made out of some of the finest stuff just outside China's Hangzhou city. The clay color, loose fit, and rounded collar give this shirt a 70s menswear feel.

Double Felt Fedora via Biltmore x Madewell

Continuing with our slight Annie Hall theme, this fedora (done in a boater hat style) is one of our favorite fall trends. It's playful and stylish, and makes you feel way more glamorous walking around downtown.  

Double Side Striped Trousers via Zara

These Zara trousers are super versatile with an almost jophur-esque feel. The crimson color would match well with a variety of browns, yellows, or an eggplant shade.

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