CURATE // Fine Art Cats

One might say that cats and the World Wide Web are a very over-played relationship. We make the argument that cats might just be the unofficial mascot of the Internet, and we'll continue in our cat loving ways. Next to cats playing the piano, cats looking beautiful in artwork are also a wonderful thing.

// Claire Softley // - Claire is an illustrator out of London who's known for lovely yet moody illustrations of cats. We love her whole body of work featuring windowsill cacti and abstract shapes. Her world weary cats are the cutest, though.

// Nathalie Lété // - Nathalie is a French illustrator and designer whose work can be seen on home accessories in Anthropologie. Her site is filled with her colorful (and very chic, French) work, and we love her cat hangers.

// Chrissie Abbott // - Chrissie is a designer whose work is pop art goodness (and has been picked up by clients such as Asos and Ace Hotel group). This mug rules.

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