CURATE // Back 2 Skool

Remember the thrill of being at Target or Walmart with your parents, picking out school supplies that were "cute" and "funky" until they made you buy practical things. (Shout out to binders like this Lisa Frank gem). Well, practical or not, we still get a thrill out of school supplies. Or office supplies, now that we're grown-ups...

The sensation of neatly organizing all your supplies in your backpack the night before will never quite be matched. Granted we can do this before we start a new day at work, but it still makes you feel a little obsessive and just not the same ya know?? What we DO have is extra money to invest in cute school and office supplies. We sort of salivate over cute office supplies here at Son of a Sailor, so you'll have to excuse us if we hyperventilate a bit.

Aqua You Rule One-Subject Notebook // Poppin

Monthly Planner // Poketo 

Perpetual Kid // Personal Library Kit  

Porous Point Marker Pen Set // LePen

Cool Gamer Calculator // Perpetual Kid
Mint Starter Desk Set // Poppin

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