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Books - July via Gems

Blogger Mallory McInnis might be the queen of sweetly classic photos of colorful books, homes, etc from bygone times. We love this roundup of children's books she found last month, particularly the very sophisticated "Bonjour Camille" title.

People of Cape Town via Miss Moss

One of our favorite blogs, Miss Moss, is based out of Cape Town, South Africa. She recently found a delightful archive of photos featuring everyday people from Cape Town between the years of 1959 - 1963. These photos capture the rare ability to feel like you've caught a very human moment - someone in the middle of something who just happened to look up.

Maria Bamford and The Hard Work of Acting Normal via The Cut

Maria Bamford is a brilliant comedienne, and this headline caught our eye because it IS hard work acting normal (whether you're a professional funny person or not). The best thing about Bamford's comedy is that she isn't trying to fit into a female comedian script. She's truly a weirdo! When you're watching her, you don't realize whether it's a man or woman, it's just someone being real funny. 

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