TRAVEL // GUEST POST: Kelsey Travels to Santa Fe

Hello lovely readers! This is Kelsey, Son of a Sailor's marketing assistant. In a few weeks I'll be taking a trip to Santa Fe with my family. Honestly speaking, the trip is under less-than-happy circumstances - it's to spend time with my family after my grandpa passed away a few months ago. I'm looking forward to a lot of quality time with my family (and a lot of happy time to reminisce!), but I also want to squeeze in some exploring of my own.

Santa Fe's a way cool city with a stellar art scene. I feel like everyone has an artsy aunt or uncle who lives there. Although I have a great appreciation for Native American art and Southwest culture, the traditional silver and turquoise findings on the main plaza aren't quite my thing.

From the time I've spent in Santa Fe and the travel guides I've read, the city is transitioning from the 80s and 90s yuppie-fied Santa Fe to a city with more contemporary features. Below are a few places I've sniffed out via the slightly less conventional travel sites (and, of course, Yelp).

Cafe Pasqual // This organic cafe is sort of the place where the lines out the door are worth it. It's been around since 1979, and the New York Times raved about it corned-beef hash.

Meow Wolf // Meow Wolf is an arts and music venue/collective founded by young Santa Fe residents looking for a malleable, progressive creative space. It's since hosted 11 multimedia art installations, three award-winning short films, an annual public performance event, and more.

Double Take // Double Take is a Southwest culture lover (and thrifter's!) heaven. It's a huge consignment emporium with four star reviews on Yelp. Original Western oil paintings, Native Mexican jewelry, designer goods, and, of course, lots of cowboy boots can be found here.


Check back in a few weeks for my trip post with photos! Seeing as LAND is inspired by the American West, I'm looking forward to taking lots of photos of the landscape that shaped the collection.

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