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Anywhere south of the Mason Dixie line, sweet tea is considered both an art and a necessity. There's absolutely nothing better during the summer (we dare say it even beats water). It's a trick to not make it too sweet nor too weak, and to have just the right amount of ice added.

This recipe from Garden & Gun for a Sweet Tea Granita had us curious about what other tea recipes might be out there that are a little fancier than just boiling some Lipton and adding sugar (though that can be pretty tasty, too). The chef from Spence, an Atlanta restaurant with lots of accolades, spent a lot of time experimenting for just the right mix of ingredients, tea strength, and brewing process.

She describes finally achieving a "decadent brew" with a combination of sun brewing, fruits, and the right kind of sugar. For the magazine she turned it into a frozen dessert, adding a little extra sugar and lemon.

Smooth Sweet Tea // All Recipes

This one calls for a pinch of baking soda added to boiling water right as the tea bags go in. We've never heard of this, but apparently it's good for undercutting the bitterness that can happen if bags stay in too long.

Iced Sweet Mint Tea // Food.com

Sweet tea with mint is one of those heavenly creations that makes you think the Southerners knew  something that the rest of us don't.

Sweet Tea Granita // Garden & Gun 

This is a desert twist on a classic sunbrewed sweet tea.

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