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Large rugs feel like a thing of luxury. They're certainly not cheap, but they're also not a major commitment. You can play with pattern, color, and placement in a bold way. In May, New York's annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair boasts a huge selection of gallery-worthy tapestries. Inspired by this year's up-and-comers, we pulled together a few of our favorites.

We begin with one of our favorites, kinder GROUND modular carpet system. These rugs are ideal for playrooms where kids will constantly be shifting their playspace. The folks at kinder GROUND have translated the need for a comfortable, flexible play area into brilliantly-colored geometric carpets that fit together (or pull apart) like puzzle pieces.

Aelfie Oudghiri is the owner and designer of Brooklyn design studio Aelfie. We kinda want her to start a partner clothing line inspired by her home textiles because the patterns of rugs such as the Morgan would be perfect for a summer dress.

Inigo Elizalde Rugs look more like portable modern art installations than rugs acquired at home decor emporiums. The rug you first see when logging on the site resembles an antique oil paint canvas that's now chipping and showing its age. Not only are these rugs absolutely beautiful, Inigo Elizalde is part of GoodWeave, a certification program combating child labor in the carpet industry while providing educational opportunities.

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