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This week GREAT.LY kicks off it's #MAKEGOOD campaign to promote exchange and hype about some pretty rad makers! In order to contribute to this shin-dig we created a round up of GREAT.LY goodies that would make a nice little surprise-summer-gift for a friend or family member just to brighten their day!

1 // Colour Moon : HELLO PRINT

This fresh little print by Colour Moon is a lovely way to drop a long-distance friend a line with a simple gift in the mail! Colour Moon is a design studio based out of Ukraine with a wide variety of inspirational prints for home decor. 

2 // Son of a Sailor : YANKEE YO-YO

Our Yankee Yo-Yo is a cute and thoughtful gift guaranteed to put a smile on any compadre's face! This color blocked Yankee style is currently exclusive to GREAT.LY in neon coral or dark teal.


Epiphanie's Charlotte Camera Bag is a high-quality and highly-functional gift for the seriously stylish photographer. Epiphanie is a brand created by Maile Wilson who noticed a hole in the market when it came to fashionable camera accessories!

4 // Sea & Asters : AIR PLANT PODS

GOLD! This plant pod's color palette is really rocking our world---Sea & Asters has a lovely collection of air plants and pods which are always a winner when it comes to gifts...it's sure to brighten any home! Check them out!

5 // Threadfollower : PENGUIN KIT

A penguin kit! What more do we have to say?! A kit designed for beginner stitchers is perfect for any DIY-savvy companion! Threadfollower prides themselves on local and recyclable components for the environmentally conscious as well---you can't go wrong!

6 // Wind & Willow : WALNUT & BEECH SNACK BOWLS

Wind & Willow's mastermind Araya Jensen has a kick-butt aesthetic which is exemplified in each beautifully hand-turned, hand-dipped wooden bowl or other home accessory. These silver and copper leafed snack bowls are a perfect table treat for any gathering!

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